The sun is life-bearer. It brings us light every day. And for this reason it is considered, more than any other, a symbol of the future. The sun accompanies us to work: at the shipyard, on board. And even though it is often associated with idleness and vacation, for all those of us who work on the sea the sun illuminates our profession. In this it resembles us, or maybe, without presumption, it is we who imitate it, building for our clients an environment so immersed in light... Read More

Benetti Magazine 07: Sun / Moon

Benetti Magazine 07 is soon to be published – distribution is due for the forthcoming Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes next September. The main themes of the new magazine will be Sun and Moon. The Sun pages will feature, among others, celebrated sunbathers’ photographs by Massimo Vitali, an introduction to Molori Resorts, a report on solar deities throughout the centuries, and Van Gogh’s sunflowers. Also featured, Benetti’s 45m Told U So and an interview... Read More