“Our mission is to make sure we are delivering a product which meets the highest quality standards recognized in the yachting industry at an international level. We reach this goal by rigorously respecting the technical specifications, the requirements of classification agencies and, most importantly, the owner’s expectations”. Meeting the owner’s expectations is important... Read More

Crystal 140′ – Byword of Light


Crystal is synonymous with light and transparency. Light which makes forms and spaces come to life and infuses them with warmth; transparency which frees the sight towards visions of paradise that only the sea can give. Light, transparency, enhanced spaces: this is the essence of Crystal 140’, the latest model in Benetti’s Class range. Exteriors were designed by Stefano Righini,... Read More

Captain at Heart


The owner tells his story to the Benetti Magazine. Every owner is a Captain at heart. Many are actually able to achieve high levels of competence, both on the bridge and below decks. Very rarely, however, does an owner reach the level of skill that is necessary to cruise on a 93 ft yacht with his family – and without a single professional crew member on board. The owner of... Read More

Logbook: Vica


A timeless adventure “Vica is a fantastic yacht, on which we embarked on a voyage of freedom” Laurent Louviot, Captain of Vica Discovering the Gulf of Fethiye with Vica. Fethiye (the ancient Telmessos) was the most important city on the Lycian coast; it extends along a pristine bay, protected by twelve islands. Fethiye Bay, also known as Wall Bay because of its high... Read More

The Dreaming Jewels


Theodore Sturgeon was one of America’s finest writers. Kurt Vonnegut called him “a master storyteller.” A born gymnast, Sturgeon wrote with authenticity about circus performers in The Dreaming Jewels (later re-released under the title The Synthetic Man). Sturgeon held numerous ‘day jobs’ (merchant seaman, bulldozer operator, door-to-door salesman)... Read More

Behind the Stage


This project was a challenge for me: we tried to go against the grain to make a completely new ad that maintains visual harmony with a Benetti megayacht where nothing is left to chance. Andrea Varani 30 years of experience in fashion photography       For the Custom campaign we imagined a relaxed, reachable lifestyle. The card castle isn’t just an image of on board... Read More

The Amber Spyglass


Everything has a meaning, if only we could read it… We don’t need lists of rights and wrongs, tables of do’s and don’ts: we need books, time, and silence. ‘Thou shalt not’ is soon forgotten, but ‘Once upon a time’ lasts forever. Philip Pullmann The “Amber Spyglass” is the third and final novel in the “His Dark Material” series,... Read More

The pink Benetti World


Four ladies, four womanly tales that have been at the heart of the growth and development of the company through the years. Daniela Terenzi, Annarita Limoncetti, Maria Luisa Murri and Carla Bonuccelli are all part of the spirit of Benetti. And so this rose tinted issue of the magazine dedicates a special feature to their four portraits, in a rose setting, with each of them surrounded... Read More

Lady Lara


The creation of Lady Lara is the result of a perfect cooperation between the owner and the design team from Studio Massari. Entirely based on the Fendi Style, the overall design idea is a fusion of classic and contemporary style. The main colours featured on Lady Lara are shades of gold and silver, which create an harmonious and very balanced atmosphere. The Main Deck features gold... Read More

Silver Angel, FB247


Sail the Mediterranean and the Caribbean in Benetti’s new 65mt yacht Silver Angel. Launched in June 2009, she was constructed for private use and is a sister yacht to the 63mt M/Y Lionheart, built previously. Silver Angel proves the stunning results that can be achieved when the shipyard’s continuous search for innovation meets the shipowners’ requirements for taste and luxury. Main... Read More