Crystal 140′ – Byword of Light

lunedì, ottobre 10, 2011

Crystal is synonymous with light and transparency. Light which makes forms and spaces come to life and infuses them with warmth; transparency which frees the sight towards visions of paradise that only the sea can give. Light, transparency, enhanced spaces: this is the essence of Crystal 140’, the latest model in Benetti’s Class range. Exteriors were designed by Stefano Righini, with interior layout by Francois Zuretti, while interior decorators Ahmed Chabebe & Asociados took care of the upholstery and all the decor. And, thanks to its increased efficiency, the environmentally friendly... 

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Benetti Magazine 07: Sun / Moon

martedì, luglio 19, 2011

Benetti Magazine 07 is soon to be published – distribution is due for the forthcoming Festival de la Plaisance in Cannes next September. The main themes of the new magazine will be Sun and Moon. The Sun pages will feature, among others, celebrated sunbathers’ photographs by Massimo Vitali, an introduction to Molori Resorts, a report on solar deities throughout the centuries, and Van Gogh’s sunflowers. Also featured, Benetti’s 45m Told U So and an interview with its owner, Kirk Lazarus.  Read More

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Wabi Sabi – The Art of Impermanence

lunedì, aprile 11, 2011

In Buddhist philosophy and doctrine, concepts such as transience, imperfection, incompleteness, are all manifestations of the universal law which rules the flow of life. It’s the principle of change, the awareness and acknowledgement that nothing is eternal and nothing is perfect. Wabi Sabi is the quintessence of aesthetics, the idea of beauty closely linked to the imperfections of growing old. A defect, a sign left by the passing of time: this is the symptom of life’s existence. Wabi Sabi is the serenity and the beauty of knowing that everything in this world has life. Japanese gardens Karesansui,... 

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Captain at Heart

lunedì, aprile 11, 2011

The owner tells his story to the Benetti Magazine. Every owner is a Captain at heart. Many are actually able to achieve high levels of competence, both on the bridge and below decks. Very rarely, however, does an owner reach the level of skill that is necessary to cruise on a 93 ft yacht with his family – and without a single professional crew member on board. The owner of the second Benetti Delfino is one of these rare, accomplished sailors. “I’ve had boats for over 10 years, starting from a 26 footer through to our last 60 ft yacht, and I have a strong technical background”, he says.... 

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Family Memories: Daniela Benetti

lunedì, aprile 11, 2011

My father had two great passions: his family and his yachts. He believed in what he did and was able to bring into his work the fondness usually reserved to what one loves. And his work repaid him with satisfactions and affections untarnished by time. The fabulous Sixties! How was the yachting world and its personalities in those years? Those were the golden years of the Mediterranean, when the Tuscan Versilia and the French Riviera where the privileged destinations of crowned heads, movie stars, great industrialists and financiers. Yacht owners were mostly Italians, but the shipyard was starting... 

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Benetti world




“Our mission is to make sure we are delivering a product which meets the highest quality standards recognized in the yachting industry at an international level. We reach this goal by rigorously respecting the technical specifications, the requirements of classification agencies and, most importantly, the owner’s expectations”. Meeting the owner’s expectations is important with respect to the aesthetic, technical and functional aspects of the yacht, but also the construction... Read More



Consuelo Casali


Pink…the colour of the sky after a wonderful sunset, when the last glimmers of the sun turn into many different shades, depending on who is watching. A colour loved by sensitive, original, sophisticated and non- conformist people. Explosive and full of character, it is a truly glamorous colour. She was raised near Viareggio, where the [...]





The sun is life-bearer. It brings us light every day. And for this reason it is considered, more than any other, a symbol of the future. The sun accompanies us to work: at the shipyard, on board. And even though it is often associated with idleness and vacation, for all those of us who work [...]